Anne Courier

sans doute 2008 Ton, glasiert 9 x 14 x 11 cm

Anne Currier | *1950 | Scio, New York, Amerika | Intonation 2009

I make ceramic sculptures that are shaped by the interplay of masses and voids. Projection and recession, light and shadow, substance and impression are the subject matter of my work. The shapes are the players, extending, colliding or passing through / over / under / beyond one another to command space. Through the simplicity of clay cylinders, cones, planes and edges, I can indulge m compulsion to experience both inside and outside spaces. On some occasions, references to the human body are present. Positions of human figures found in Greek and Buddhist temple pediments and friezes intrigue me: the dynamics of their composition, narrative and scale are charged as a result of their placement within defined architectural spaces.
The rich subtleties and contrasts of winter colors that I see here in Allegany County are sources for glaze colors: charcoal blacks, slate blue/grays, deep rusts and warm tans. Color and texture are intended to create an ambiguity about surface and touch. Although the fired, glaze surface appears soft, it is hard and feels like sandpaper. This visual/tactile aspect of the surface, combined with light and shadow, trigger visual illusions and spatial ambiguities.