Mie Kongo


Mie Kongo | Eastwood, USA | Intonation 2013

My work has been project based, driven by sense of curiosity and discovery, then, realization and learning, through everyday life and ongoing studio practice.
I have been making my sculptures primarily with clay. I think about how the properties of clay and how the process of working with the clay contributes to my sculptures physically, conceptually and emotionally. I am interested in investigating the inherent qualities of ceramic materials, the connotation from history and tradition of ceramics,and devising ways to apply these to my work.
The idea of systems, order, randomness and chance has been my base line of inquiry. Encountering the complex frost line that grew on my kitchen window led me to this particular line of investigation. I find or/and create certain systems into the production and composition of my work, and I allow randomness and chance to also play their part.
I often try to see things in a new way, from a different point of view and transform them in to something unique. My intention is to twist conventional notions of reality and alter the way we perceive. To this end, I make use of both recognizable and abstract forms that offer the viewer multiple interpretations and meanings, and highlight my interest in dualities such as the abstract and the specific, playfulness and seriousness, control and spontaneity.